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2015 AFA Convention

Blacksmith Buddy recently attended the American Farriers Association’s annual convention in Overland Park, Kansas City, Kansas. The 44th convention took place February 24-27th and featured a great variety of people. Speaker Highlights included:

  • The Woes of Highs and Lows-Reading feet and Radiographers
  • Brian Barrett, CJF TE AWCF
  • Brent Barrett, DVM CJF

Blacksmith Buddy was proud to be a sponsor of such a great event.

Like last year, our exhibit also held a drawing for a $250 cash prize. Erin was happy to award a check to the winner! Congratulations Douglas!

Douglas Hogue: $250 BB Winner at the 2015 AFA.

BB Contest Winner 2015 - edit

See our full photo album on Facebook: here.