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Farriers of Instagram: Happy Halloween!

We at Blacksmith Buddy love Halloween! For October’s roundup, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite equine costumes.


Who knew dragons could jump so well?!



Little Boo Peep has some awfully big sheep!



We live this mini-minion!



These two skeletons are sure to scare!


This horse is taking notes for her next costume.



That’s one handsome Beast!



We’ve always wanted to ride a giraffe!


Jessie and Hamm have never looked better!


This mare is sure to keep spooky spirits away!


She has a spectacular pirouette!


It’s hard not to have fun when you have a great costume!



A classic fair lady and her noble steed.



This duo are all set on treats!


Sometimes times the simplest costumes are the best!

Horse in shining armor!


We love a good pun based costume!