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Farriers of Instagram: Winter Wonderland

As days are getting longer and we’re nearing the end of winter, we wanted to take a moment to reminisce on the great snowy adventures. Check out what our favorite creatures have been up to this season!

Enjoying the brisk air.

Getting excited about the first signs of snow.

Keeping warm by staying close to their palls.

Reminiscing about the beauty of the season.

Basking in the winter sun.

Huddling together to keep warm.

Trekking through the deep mounts.

Enjoying the peace and quiet.

Admiring the beautiful landscape.

Riding away into the sunset.

Early winter mornings call for crisp walks.

Love this neighbor #thehorsenextdoor

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From dusk to dawn, always ready to play.

Nothing like a sleigh ride to really make it feel like winter.

Enjoying the brisk winter morning.

What can be better than fresh falling snow?

More trekking through the wilderness.

Making new friends.

Galloping through fresh powder.

Taking the road less traveled.

Skipping for joy.

Hanging out with other four-legged friends.

Galloping through fresh powder.