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How it Works

Anatomy of a Hoof

Every procedure you need to perform on the hoof of a live horse, you can practice on the

√ Trim the frog
√ Sole out the hoof
√ Nip and rasp the wall
√ Level and balance

√ Shape the shoe to fit the hoof
√ Nail the shoe on
√ Clinch and finish the shod hoof

√ Remove current shoe
√ Patch quartercracks

Blacksmith Buddy can also be used to practice glue on shoeing, quartercrack patches and
custom-made solutions to pathological shoeing conditions.

Transitioning barefoot hoof, from below. Details: heel perioplium (1), bulb (2), frog (3), central groove (4), collateral groove (5), heel (6), bar (7), seat of corn (8), pigmented walls (external layer) (9), water line (inner layer) (10), white line (11), apex of frog (12), sole (13), toe (14), how to measure width (15), quarter (16), how to measure length (17)