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Blacksmith Buddy Wes Champagne
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Blacksmith Buddy has a proven record of helping train farriers and apprentices all over the world. As a lifelike training device that can be used in addition to cadaver legs and live horses, the Blacksmith Buddy and Blacksmith Buddy Junior provide a safe and reusable option to keep the learning process going. Our students and instructors are ready to rave about their experience.

Thanks so much for your efforts to get us the Blacksmith Buddy Legs for the hands on portion of our Farrier Science Class at Utah State University. The legs/hooves were a great addition to the course and the students loved them. The BB really reduced the stress on a first time shoer trying to shoe a moving live horse and the worry of hurting the horse nipping and/or nailing. It really built the confidence of the students to go to work on live horses.

– Scott McKendrick, ADVS Horseshoeing Instructor, Utah State University


We just finished a Vettec clinic with Larkin Greene and my students. We used the Blacksmith Buddy in the classroom for a variety of applications, missing wall, quarter crack, sole packing etc. AWESOME! … I think that Wes has developed the most revolutionary teaching tool I have ever worked with in the 39 years I have been in this profession. I got the new students working on the Blacksmith Buddy and is was an incredible experience for them and for me and my staff. No worries about horses not standing, just pure instruction… Well worth every dime spent.”

– Bob Smith, Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School

But it isn’t just students, our full fledged farriers like to have a little fun with the Blacksmith Buddy too!

Just wanted to let you know we received everything in fine shape. We took it to our Horsin Around (event) and the blacksmiths were absolutely thrilled with it. They worked and demonstrated it for us and really drew a crowd. Thanks so much.
– Patti

Every time I get my hands on the Blacksmith Buddy, I’m impressed all over again….the only thing it doesn’t have is hair and an attitude.
– Larkin

And even our veterans think our product is great. Veteran farrier Keith Raleigh used the Blacksmith Buddy to recover from a stroke.

We agreed the material that composes the hooves is great. You can work on it with all your tools, in the same positions you would be in under the front legs of a horse. It gives you the opportunity to develop and to rebuild muscle strength and hand-eye coordination. You can fine-tune your sole paring and nipper runs, and analyze the way you rasp a hoof level.
– Jenney Gravenson, apprentice to Keith Raleigh

“I endorse this product. “Blacksmith Buddy” is the best learning tool in the industry.” – Coco Fernandez, Certified Master Farrier 

And sometimes, you might be happier without the real horse, like Ray Knightley a farrier and seller of farrier supplies in Germany and across Europe.

I am not fussy and can watch dissections or operations, but as I sell tools and start to give clinics for the use of different products I don’t want to mess with dead bits of horses. I have to be honest – cadavers stink. This is where Blacksmith Buddy comes in to action.
– Ray Knightley

Our Facebooks fans are sharing the action and enjoying the Blacksmith Buddy too! Hear what some of them had to say.

I was skeptical but after having used it can tell you that it is as close to the real thing as possible. This is a fantastic learning tool!!
– Douglas Hogue

We have six of them …they are the most useful tool we have for farrier related skills labs. I truly love them!
– Jason Maki