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Famous Farriers: Women of the Farrier World

Ada Gates Patton

“I wanted to be the best farrier I could be.”

Ada Gates Patton may be the most well-known female farrier around. This former debutante ditched the dresses for the anvil to become one of the world’s most well known farriers. Abandoning acting to join the equine world in 1971 Patton went on to become the first woman licensed to shoe racehorses in the United States and Canada. Ada’s illustrious career has been recognized by the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Her legacy includes clients like Breeders Cup Classic winner Wild Again and the yearly exhibit of over 200 horses shown in the annual Roses Parade in Pasadena, Calif.

Watch Ada in this classic appearance on Late Night with David Letterman – here.

Allie Hayes, CF

Allie Hayes via Hoofblog.com.

Allie Hayes via Hoofblog.com.

Allie is the owner of HorseScience, in West Boxford, Mass. and a certified farrier since the 1980s. Graduating from the Oklahoma Farrier College she trained under Bud Beaston. She has been recognized by the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. After a long career as a successful horseshoer, a freak accident led Allie in another direction in the equine community. At HorseScience Allie is the world’s leading provider of equine educational hoof models. In addition to shipping freeze-dried horse anatomy across the globe, Allie also gives clinics, lectures, and slide shows on the anatomy of the hoof and lower leg.

Dr. Susan Dyson

“If you keep looking and seeing, then you’ll keep learning.”

Working as the head of clinical orthopedics in the Center for Equine Studies of the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, England, Susan has made an impact on the equine world. Considered an expert in lameness and hoofcare diagnostic imaging, she has co-authored multiple veterinary textbooks and published over 190 papers.

Enjoy this wonderful video with Susan from I Am An Equine Veterinarian – here.