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Farriers of Instagram: Horsing Around

Like people, horses have unique personalities. Some horses are very social, while others are a little shy. Some may be easy going, while others are a bit more stubborn. Regardless of your horse’s personality, we guarantee you’ve caught them doing something funny, silly, or just plain weird.

Getting a little sassy after an early wakeup call.


Showing off the famous horse teeth.


Playing dead.

Smiling for pictures.

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Just saying hay.

Vacation-mode ☀️☀️☀️

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Being silly.

Playing nice for the camera.


Giving (sloppy) kisses.


Trying our new hair styles.

#pferd #Pferd #nordlandshest #viljar #hest #horse

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Showing off their muscles.


Getting crafty.


Hanging out with friends.

Saying “cheese”.


Rocking out.

The most beautiful #horse in the world

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