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Farriers of Instagram: Back to School

Summer has come to an end and it’s time to jump back into learning! For September’s roundup, we’re sharing our favorite back to school posts.


We all feel like this when we first go back to school!



Texas A&M’s veterinary college offers an equine therapy program.




University of Pennsylvania’s veterinarian students got a head start on learning this summer!



These future vets are learning equine anatomy at LSU.



This young rider is learning to combat her horse’s bad habits!



Cornell veterinarian students get to watch Seabright grow up in the university’s Equine Park.




Looks like the makings of a world class farrier!



These lucky UC Davis vet students spent the day with the Budweiser Clydesdales!



Auburn University’s students have the chance to learn acupuncture to treat their patients.



WSU’s veterinary students learn how to safely treat equine patients



These riding students are practicing their jumps!